Friday, January 6, 2012

Halloween 2011

With help from my mom and one of my Bestie's Andrea we put together a Rapunzel dress for Madison. I am actually quiet proud of it. Of course I made it big enough to last a couple of years and the girl was sleeping in it. She did tell me that she would way rather have a home made costume over a store bought one any day. Made me feel real good.

We did our traditional thing, had some friends over, did pizza and then went on a mad hunt thru the neighborhood for the goodies. It was great weather and we scored some good candy!! We love Halloween!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

right near the beach

Who goes to California with out going to the beach?? Well we don't! When we arrived in Cali it was raining so we weren't able to go but we made sure before we left to get there. I bought the kids their own Little buckets and shovels from the dollar store, yay for the dollar store and we spent a couple of hours making castles and looking for sea shells.
Then the kids became quiet adventurous and took off towards the water, once the waves came up there was no holding back on getting all the way in. I had to make sure Jason stayed close. I am not fond of the water so Jason would have to be the rescuer. They had a great time.This is them running up to jump on me to get me all wet. I knew it was coming. Little stinker's! I guess I should say big stinkers, yuck the ocean smells!!

It was a great finish to our trip. I seriously can't wait until we can go again!! Some day...right??

a quick little trip away.

I sat and peeked out the window waiting for the bus to arrive with the kids after school. Ran to the garage and waited in the dark. Kids open up garage door to find their Nana, Mom, Dad and brother sitting in the dark with new luggage. Weird look on kids face, especially since Mom is holding a video camera recording what is about to be said. Daddy says "well since it's my birthday today I am thinking that I want to go some where." Kids still have a puzzled look on their face and finally say, "where do you want to go?" Daddy says " I want to go to Disneyland ". Kids freak out!! We throw the luggage in and drive off!

It was nice having the six of us, better for the rides any way. Tyler could pretty much go on everything, I did stuff his shoes with foam so there would be no question about his height. We were harassed one time but that's because the guy was a dirt bag and I wasn't in line with the kids.

The kids were so good and I loved every minute of it. Yes we were tired but just the excitement and soaking everything in was just the best for me. I needed this trip so bad and it was mostly for me. We haven't been any where since Tyler was 8 months old and this time he was the perfect age and he made it so much more fun. In fact he still won't stop talking about it.

I wish I would of let him go on the tower of terror, he will not shut up about it mostly because he sits and watches the behind the scenes Disney park on Netflix so he can yell out all the rides he went on and what his favorites were but he just won't give up on the tower of terror and how every one screams like a little girl. He even approaches people at the store or restaurants. I just keep laughing at him.

I sure do love my family. I am so glad that we could get a way. It was last minute which is sometimes more exciting. I can never really plan ahead any way between work and Jason's fighting/training I never know what we will be able to do.

The weather was perfect and it wasn't very crowded, I think the longest we waited in line was 45 minutes but other then that we didn't wait too long. I packed snacks this time and we packed a light jacket for the evening. The kids wouldn't stop thanking their Dad and I for taking them. They each got to pick a souvenir and I know that they appreciated it. They know that I worked hard and needed them to be good. Jason told them it was the best birthday ever!!

I love to watch the parades especially with the kids. They scream and shout and wave at the characters and look there's..., etc. I am already counting down the next time we can go. I guess I should start saving too, hopefully it won't be three years before we can go again!